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Basement Remodeling In Aurora IL

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your basement but just didn’t know if it’s the right move to make then hopefully we can steer you in the right direction.  Here are a few topics to think over, ultimately a basement remodel boils down to just a few factors – functionality, usability and investment. We’ve been happily providing basement remodeling services in Aurora and the surrounding suburbs, and we’d love to help you if you feel that it’s an investment in your home that you’d like to make.









Why you should get your basement remodeled?

Basements can be the source of many of life’s most intimate moments, from playing with your children to watching movies with the family, to holiday parties, slumber parties, and even sharing a few drinks and laughs with close friends.  For those reasons, having a welcoming basement with a well thought out layout is so important. This is not just from a functional standpoint, but also from a practical and financial standpoint as well. Basements are where memories happen, keep them going.

Is finishing a basement a good investment?

In my honest opinion, if you have the means to update key parts of your home then it’s something you should do.  This is where you spend nearly ⅔ of your day so you might as well enjoy the space you’re in. Deciding to remodel a certain room in your home, for the purposes of reselling, cheats you out of the opportunity to enjoy that space and while there certainly is a financial aspect to owning (and selling) a home, that’s only one part of the equation.

Why remodeling your basement is a good idea

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll ever make all of your money back from remodeling any area of your home, one of the areas you’ll see greatest return is from your basement.  Not only are you increasing livable square footage, but you have the opportunity to increase functionality such as an extra bedroom, bathroom, and extra storage.

Though it’s hard to say how a basement remodel will affect the value of your home, Remodeling magazine states that the national average return on investment is hovering around 75%, compare that to an ROI of around 65% for a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Factors that affect the cost/value analysis of your basement remodel

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You’ll want to keep in mind that while refinishing your basement is usually a good idea (and one that we recommend for the most part) working with national averages can provide a good benchmark, but there are a whole host of other factors and assumptions that affect the value of your home in your particular area.  

It’s always good practice to get a real estate agent involved who can show you the value of other similar homes in your city – both ones with and without basements.  Having an idea of how much a finished basement will increase the value of your home by will give you an idea of how much you can spend to achieve a certain return on your investment.

Here are a few other factors that can affect the value of your real estate:

  • Your neighborhood – local real estate fluctuates more than the average of the surrounding areas, especially in Aurora and the surrounding Chicago suburbs where pockets of neighborhoods can change from block to block.  It’s important to know and understand your local market and what is a standard feature from an upgraded feature. Without knowing (and understanding) this, you could be over-investing into your basement without the hopes of ever getting close to your desired ROI.
  • Current conditions – existing conditions are extremely important to consider before having a contractor come in and do work.  If you have any known issues with the basement, such as moisture entering your basement through cracked foundation walls, then you MUST address those issues before finishing the basement.  Not only is it unethical to cover up and not disclose known issues, but it’s also against the law. In addition, the extra cost to remedy the existing issues could make or break your decision to renovate.
  • I can’t think of one home upgrade that doesn’t deteriorate over time and that its value doesn’t diminish either.  Consider how long you’ll be staying in your home and whether it’s something that you’ll have to change in a relatively short or long period of time.  Items like a coat of paint are things that have to be updated every few years, but a layout design is much more costly of an investment.

How to design a basement that works for you

With so many facets to consider, how do you know what to do and what to stay away from.  Though there aren’t any hard set rules, it’s safe to say that if it’s functional and desirable for you, it’s probably going to be functional for someone else.  Here are a few parameters to keep in mind:

Utility first

The goal of any remodel should always include utility and it’s never something you want to take away, instead, it’s something you’re looking to enhance by:

  • Closing off any areas that need extra privacy
  • Water heaters can cause leaks, leave that area unfinished as a precautionary measure
  • Whenever possible, plumbing should stay in place to reduce costs

Err on the side of experience

Though we all wish to believe that we have construction experience because we watched a few youtube videos, the truth is you probably haven’t seen enough to fully renovate your own basement.  Because basements tend to need a lot of work, especially if you’re starting with an unfinished basement, we recommend leaving that scope of work to the professionals. There are plenty of nuances that can come up leaving you scratching your head.  

Foundation cracks and framing around your existing ductwork are projects best left for the pros.  Not to mention, you’ll want to utilize someone who is familiar with local permitting and zoning regulations for your municipality.

Consider Aesthetics

Basements are a large investment, but more often than not we’ll see the final product with color schemes and furniture that don’t have anything to do with each other.  

Take some time to create a theme for each particular space and make sure that every aspect of that space ties back into the theme.  From the color of the wall paint to the furniture, area rugs, throw pillows, wall art, and blankets, everything should be cohesive and look like it has a purposeful meaning.

basement remodel aurora IL

Factors that can affect the project cost

It should go without saying that the more material and labor that is required to finish a project, the more it will cost.  Though we have become extremely good at understanding what our overhead costs will be for a given project, here are some factors you can expect to impact the price in your quote for a basement remodel:

  • Framing in walls with studs and adding insulation
  • Framing in for egress windows, particularly if needed to upgrade to fire code
  • Hanging drywall
  • Adding/upgrading electrical for lighting
  • Installing outlets and charging stations for electronic devices
  • Encasing ductwork; rerouting ductwork
  • Installing a ceiling
  • Sealing a basement floor to reduce risk of moisture
  • Installing flooring
  • Installing additional plumbing for a bathroom

Our approach to working with you (our client)

We completely understand that you have other options to choose from when considering who is going to remodel your basement and deliver an end product that will leave you with your jaws dropped.

We take your business very seriously and will do everything we can to have your vision come to reality.  We work with you during every phase of the project and provide continual updates as we progress. It’s important to us that you have a positive experience with our company and that you love our work.

Word of mouth has been instrumental in the continued success of our company, it’s the best indication that we are doing good work for our clients.  It also says that they have enough faith and trust in us to recommend us to their closest friends and family members. We want you to know that we truly appreciate that, and we look to extend them the same courtesy and workmanship that we extended to you.  Thank you!



We are contractors who take our trade extremely seriously and we’re passionate about producing quality finishes that match your tastes. Whether you need a basement, kitchen or bathroom remodeler in Aurora IL or the surrounding suburbs, we want to be your remodeler of choice. Call us today to discuss your needs!
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