Will Finishing My Basement Add Value To My Home?

Making the decision to either remodel an existing finished basement or to finish an unfinished basement is a big commitment and one that should be thought through in detail.  After all, we firmly believe that homeowners should make updates to their home so that they can personally enjoy them, not to speculate on how much their home could appreciate in value, however, experiencing an increase in property value is always a nice added bonus.

To determine if this is a project that you want to undertake, it’s probably a really good idea that you get in touch with your real estate agent and find out what your local market looks like.  Do most of the homes in your area have basements or are they ranch style?  Are they slabs? Or do the basements have 10 foot ceilings?  Get an idea for what the demand is in your market.

Are homeowners demanding bathrooms down there or is it just drywall and carpeting that they are ok with.  To have an idea of how much you’ll need to invest, you need to have an idea of what you’ll need to do to have a basement that can compete.