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Bathroom Remodeling in Aurora

Bathrooms are focal points in a home and having an outdated bathroom can affect the resale value of your home.  If you’re thinking about whether to make the investment in remodeling your bathroom then here is some information to consider before you do so.  We’ve been helping families in Aurora and the surrounding suburbs with remodeling projects, small and large, and we’d love the opportunity to assist you with your next project as well!  We are always available to provide guidance and answer questions, feel free to reach out!

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Why you should get your Bathroom remodeled

As the saying goes, the only thing that stays constant is change itself, this includes keeping your bathroom modern.  We’re not saying to upgrade just because, here are a reasons you’ll want to consider upgrading your bathroom:


Over the years, bathrooms have improved with storage space.  Not only are bathrooms getting bigger but layouts have improved and cabinetry and sink space has maximized.  Instead of cramming curling irons and hair dryers into a plastic bin, you’ll be able to take advantage of larger, deeper drawers that are more conveniently compartmentalized.

Counter top space has also grown over the years, giving you more space to place the items you use on a daily basis within easily accessible reach.  Again, this frees up storage space in your drawers for the larger, less frequently used appliances.

Suit Yourself

Do you have a vision of what you want your bathroom to look like?  Maybe you’re remodeling other areas of the house and you need the bathroom theme to match.  Perhaps the bathroom is your escape from daily stress but it’s just not living up to its name.

Making some small changes to key focal points in a bathroom can really make a difference, but completely redesigning an bathroom to your liking gives you all the features you want and all the functionality you need.

Embrace Change

Change can be difficult, we know, you’re nervous and hesitant to make such a large change in your bathroom and then not like it.  That would be awful!

Working with a professional who has designed and completely rebuilt other bathrooms should put you more at ease.  A good contractor will listen to why your bathroom could be more functional, also listen to your ideas and then make suggestions and recommendations.  With collaboration from everyone, you’ll have more confidence that you’re making the right moves.

Water Conservation

Protecting our environment is important and conserving water goes hand-in-hand with the cause, but not only is it the environmentally conscious thing to do, it also helps keep your water bill down.

Your house, on average, will consume more than half its water usage through the shower and toilet.  Technology has improved and so has efficiency, the market now offers toilets, shower heads and faucets that have better pressure with less water consumption than they did 20 years ago.


Certainly this statement is geographically dependent, but in Aurora and the surrounding suburbs, there really isn’t a remodeling project in any area of the home where you’ll get more than 100% of your investment back.  That being said, the bathroom does provide one of the largest returns of any area of your home at over 50%.

To get a good ROI on your investment you won’t want to hire just any handyman, though.  It’s a smart decision to hire an experienced and reputable contractor who delivers on his promise and guarantees his workmanship.

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Is finishing your Bathroom a good investment?

According to a USNews report, investing in your bathroom is one of the 10 best investments a homeowner can make.  It certainly doesn’t have to be a complete remodel, but just updating the vanity, toilet and lighting can make a drastic improvement to the look and feel of your bathroom.

In another report, HGTV was quoted as follows:  kitchen and bathroom remodels continue to be two of the best investments you can make in your house. “They’re always right up there at the top of the list,” says Alfano. “They’re the big, sexy rooms that new home builders splurge on, so when buyers are shopping around that’s what they want in an existing home, too.”

Using your best judgement is the best way to go when investing in your home.  As an example, if you live in a $200,000 home then investing $10,000 in a new stand up shower with beautiful tile and glass shower doors is probably not the best investment, but what if you lived in a neighborhood where your house was the only one with just one bathroom?  Investing money to have another bathroom installed may make sense.

We’ll work with you to design a bathroom that you’ll love but that also makes financial sense.  Call us today to get started!

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Our approach to working with you (our client)

We can help you achieve the look you desire.  When we help our clients, we address the minor details, but we also place a large emphasis on the major focal points as well.

Color scheme

The color scheme of your bathroom should reflect the type of atmosphere you are trying to target.  While lighter, softer colors give off a spa/sanctuary/relaxed effect the brighter, more vibrant colors give off a livelier more energetic feel.  The color scheme also ties in the color of the tiles, backsplash and countertops.

Faucets and shower heads

Walk into any large home improvement store and you’ll find dozens and dozens of options, don’t be overwhelmed, we’ll help you choose the finishing touches, whether it’s an elegant design or modern touch.

Tubs and showers

Do you have space for both, or just for one?  We’ll help you choose everything including the type of tile, to color, to the size of the shower and everything in between.

Sinks, countertops and cabinetry

Not knowing which color and style to go with is ok, there are a lot of options to choose from and our job is to help you choose.  We want all design aspects of your bathroom to flow well, so we’ll make suggestions and recommendations based on the other items you’ve chose and based on your likes and tastes.

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