How To Pick A Paint Color For Your Basement

You and your remodeling contractor are probably talking about all sorts of things, like how to update the stairs in your basement and the kind of electrical system you are going to need, but one thing you cannot overlook is color.

Why is Color so Important in the Basement?

The reason color is vital in your basement is because this room does not get a lot of light. Some basements may have a window, but most of the time, the window is pretty small and hardly lets in enough light. The color you choose should be reflective so that the lights you install in your basement have the greatest effect.

The reason you want to focus on light is because it is pretty important. Good lighting not only helps energize a person but helps you stay focused. It helps your eyes when you are watching TV or scrolling down on your phone. Being in a poor lit room while using electronics can strain your eyes, and no one wants that.

How to Pick the Right Color for Your Basement

First off, those with a number of ground level windows that let in natural do not have to worry so much about the colors you choose.

You can actually choose colors that are more on the dark side of things because the light outside is going to illuminate the room, even if you choose something as drastic as black for your basement. Granted, you are definitely going to need enough ceiling light sources at night to make sure the room is well-lit once the sun goes down. Keep in mind that light attracts insects, so make sure those windows are sealed well to keep bugs out.

Those who have a basement with little to no natural lighting may want to consider lighter colors, such as blues, whites, grays, off-whites, and eggshell. Of course, these colors are going to make the room feel lighter, which is a good thing if you are thinking of making this room into a bedroom.

Now, a basement that is being converted into an entertainment or lounge room can benefit from rich, dark colors, such as burgundy or dark blue. The key here is to make sure you have a lot of light sources, including areas like the corners of your home. You can use in-ceiling and in-wall lights around your basement to create this effect. Make sure the lights can be dimmed so that you can control how dark or light the basement looks at any given time.

A basement with stone walls is going to need saturated colors because stone walls cast too many shadows on light colors, such as white or eggshell. What you want are colors that feel loud or almost exaggerated; for instance, you cannot choose a pale pink but rather something closer to hot pink. This is not necessarily a popular color; just think of it as an example when you choose the color you are going to use to paint those stone walls.

Talk to the remodeling expert about some color ideas so that he or she can give you additional tips. Try to keep to the color scheme of the pieces of furniture and textures you are going to use in this new basement of yours. Try to let the furniture and decorations lead your choices when it comes to the color of your basement.